Healing Hearts Transforming Nations

healing hearts transforming nations

Healing and Reconciliation Among the Nations

Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations is an international ministry facilitating cross-centered healing and reconciliation throughout the world.

In the wake of the Ukrainian refuges crisis, the Holy Spirit encouraged us to share a true story of one who left home and lived all the experiences of refugee and share the lessons that can help those fleeing home, host communities and churches or institutions that seek to help. The author prefer to stay anonymous to remove any hindrance to whoever who should benefit.

What steps can we take towards new hope...

As a community of Christians, what can we do when we come face to face with hate – such a strong hate towards our neighbor that can move us to pick up a machete or a gun and kill? How can we respond not only to hatred that kills quickly, but also to underlying attitudes and indifference which are just as destructive? Is there any hope for us?

In 1994 the world watched in horror as images from Rwanda beamed into their homes. The long simmering tensions between the two major people-groups in that land exploded. A vicious genocide took place in which over a million Tutsi and anyone who stood with them, were killed by Hutu extremists. While the world knew what was happening, the international community failed to intervene. Even worse, the U.N. withdrew their troops. The commitment made after the holocaust that “never again” would the world remain silent in the face of such atrocities proved hollow in Rwanda.

Sadly, many Christians were accused of being part of the problem instead of standing for peace and justice in the face of this catastrophe. Over 80% of Rwandans regularly attended church. Not only individual Christians, but even the organized church, and those who led it, participated in the massacres or stood by silently as the genocide spread throughout the nation.

After the genocide came to an end, remaining church leaders were traumatized and didn’t know how to respond to what had taken place. They struggled over how to move forward from all the pain and guilt. They asked, “Is there any hope?”


While “Healing the Wounds of Ethnic Conflict” has become a truly international ministry, it still continues to restore hope and life in Rwanda. The story of God’s healing and restoring work in that traumatized country has become a powerful light to the nations as this ministry has spread throughout Africa, to the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Recognizing the effectiveness of this ministry in these wider contexts, the name has been changed to “Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations” (HHTN). As people come face to face with the cross of Jesus and find both forgiveness for their sin and healing for their pain and loss, they receive the power to forgive those who have caused them harm and the ability to repent and ask forgiveness of those whom they have harmed. Then reconciliation, restoration and community development begin to flow.

The above video asks the question “Is there any cure for divided communities?” and is a summary of the International School of Reconciliation 2022 in Kigali, Rwanda. It is an fulfilment of a prophecy found in Isaiah 60:3, that God gave to Rwanda. Churches and organizations can learn Biblical principles applicable to their divided churches or communities.

I became a Christian in 1992. At this Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations workshop I finally found what I’ve been looking for all my life.
HHTN Participant

eliyah and gaston

Rwanda began to find new hope as Christians gradually discovered and developed a path to profound, deep healing and lasting reconciliation. They demonstrated a quality of mercy and extraordinary forgiveness which has become a powerful message to the rest of the world.

This approach, which was initially called “Healing the Wounds of Ethnic Conflict”, has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands in Rwanda and millions around the world. Many in Rwanda, who believed the church was part of the problem and could not be part of the answer, have now acknowledged that the church has the medicine which the country needs.

Eliyah and Gaston

Early on in this ministry this picture of a river flowing from the House of God through Rwanda to Africa and beyond became a call to ministry for leaders using HHTN in their own local contexts.

We see many sorts of conflicts in the world today; – ethnic, national, racial, social, political and so on – as well as the consequences of many unhealed wounds from past conflicts.

But we also see the Holy Spirit moving in powerful ways to bring this message of healing and reconciliation in unexpected places. We invite you to learn more about Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations and to join our global movement.

healing hearts transforming nations

Watch the following video to get a glimpse and overview of our HHTN Workshop.

Lasting several days this is the event that God has been using worldwide to bring healing and reconciliation to wounded individuals and communities.

Find more resources, including the Teaching Book in several language, by clicking the link below.

Healing Hearts Transforming Nations